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PO BOX 278

PABLO MT  59855

(406) 675-2700

PERSONNEL OFFICE FAX:  (406) 675-2711




****V A C A N C Y   A N N O U N C E M E N T****


TITLE:                                     Forestry Department Head


LOCATION:                           Forestry Department – Ronan, MT 


SALARY:                               $44.19 to $49.96 per hour


CLOSING DATE:                  Thursday, April 12, 2018 @ 5:30 p.m.



This is not a Testing Designated Position (TDP) within the definition of the CSKT Drug Testing policy. The successful applicant, if not already employed by the Tribes must pass a pre-hire drug test.



Principal Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • This is a management position that, as a member of the Tribal Management Staff provides on-going consultation, advice and recommendation as an integral part of the management of Tribal government ensuring the protection, preservation and perpetuation of Salish and Kootenai traditional values in all phases of management. The position is under the supervision, general guidance and direction of the Director of Tribal Services.
  • As a member of the key management staff may participate in: development and recommendation to the Tribal Council of annual Tribal government priorities; review, discussion and recommendations for revision of operational policies; development and recommendation of both short and long term plans to produce the most efficient and profitable results attainable for the Tribes ensuring compliance with CSKT philosophy and mission; recommendation of Tribal Forestry Department annual goals and objectives; review and recommendation for improvement of the Tribal organization structure; positive public relations in the communities on the Reservation, in the State of Montana, and at the national level; and, fostering and maintaining a productive teamwork effort with the Management Staff and the Tribal staff to further the Attainment of the Tribal Council directed philosophy, mission and goals.
  • The position may be directed to: serve as a member of a negotiation team for federal and/or state agreements; serve on local, state, regional or national committees or task forces.
  • The position will serve as a role model for Tribal staff providing quality customer service delivery and providing a productive and positive work environment.
  • The position, for specific purposes, will represent a discipline or functional area (Tribal Forestry Department) and will contribute such expertise to Management Staff discussions to ensure a well-rounded and balanced perspective on priorities, issues, and goals
  • Provides leadership, direction and administration with continual monitoring of all aspects of the Tribal Forestry Department insuring compliance with the Tribal Council’s goals, objectives and priorities for providing quality, economical services. Plans and organizes work activities of the department using sound management practices and traditional principles and values to efficiently and cost effectively accomplish the approved goals, objectives and priorities.
  • Coordinates the development and maintenance of Tribal Council approved Department budget, overseeing expenditure of funds and insuring fiscal accountability. The Department Head leads in the implementation of key initiatives approved by the Director of Tribal Services and the Tribal Council for reorganization to meet the financial management of the Department.
  • Coordinates the Department’s effort to secure both short term and long-range grants for increased funding for forest management. Engages in the Tribal Council directed annual work plan process and strategic planning to meet Tribal Council goals and objectives. Meets all required deadlines.
  • Ensures compliance with Tribal ordinances, policies, procedures and directives and with all federal agency laws, codes, secretarial orders, manuals and regulations governing forest management. Ensures compliance before implementing a project and ensures accountability for reports and proposals being submitted in a timely manner.
  • Ensures quality customer service delivery at all times within the Department. Provides effective communication and public relations with tribal members in the communities with regard to forest management.
  • Represents the Department before the Tribal Council and in the Department relationships with other agencies, organizations, and groups. Provides accurate information, sound professional advice and thoroughly researched recommendations to the Tribal Council.
  • Consults with and advises managers on a regular basis. Maintains internal Department communications by conducting periodic staff meetings.
  • Ensures that reports are submitted to the Tribal Council, Superintendent and/or NWRO in a timely manner. (Annually, quarterly, etc.)


  • Preferred Master’s degree in Forestry with at least 2 years increasing experience in management or administration, preferably within the CSKT organization.
  • Or, Bachelor’s degree in Forestry with at least 5 years increasing experience in management or administration preferably within the CSKT organization.
  • Or, 10 years of increasing experience in Forestry, management or administration preferably within the CSKT organization.
  • Or, equivalent education and experience in a related resource management field (land management, natural resource management or other renewable resource management) including management of administration preferably within the CSKT system.
  • Working knowledge of tribal government and the tribal organization.
  • Working knowledge of basic management functions.
  • Working knowledge of basic forest management.
  • Working knowledge of state and federal regulations.
  • Basic knowledge of Tribal Self-Governance.


  1. Completed Tribal employment application.
  2. Certified copies of relevant academic transcripts and training certificates.
  3. Proof of enrollment from a federally recognized Tribe if other than CSKT.
  4. If claiming veteran’s preference, a copy of DD214 must be submitted.


SUBMIT ALL OF THE ABOVE TO: Tyshina Whitworth, Personnel Office, PO Box 278, Pablo, MT 59855, telephone 406.675.2700 ext. 1043.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact Stephen McDonald, Department Head (Acting) @ 675-2700, ext. 6007.

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