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To All Employees under CSKT including SKC, corporations, SKHA and all affiliated entities under the tribal government

All non-essential work-related travel is restricted. If there are questions, contact Council.

Employees who travel on their own time to known hot spots (China, Iran, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Italy), are not guaranteed leave. Their PTO requests may be rejected by their supervisor.

The U.S. Hotspots, which could change rapidly, are defined as of 3-10-2020:




New York


Employees who do travel to known hot spots, upon their return, they will be asked to remain out of the work place for 14 days. That time from work will not be covered by Administrative leave. That time from work must be covered by the employees PTO.

We are nearing spring break when many students are either returning to their homes here from hot states. If a student is in an employee’s home, we ask that you monitor your student to ensure they do not exhibit signs of infection. If you see an infection in your home, please report to your supervisor.

Further updates will be issued.