The Tribal Council approved a new procedure for the Yellowstone Bison Transfer Program operations for the 2018 bison hunt season.  Tribal members do not have to attend the Yellowstone Bison Hunt Orientation class to be eligible to pay and receive a bison carcass.

Tribal Members who are interested in receiving a transfer bison need to contact the Division of Fish, Wildlife, Recreation and Conservation (DFWRC) office by phone or in person to be placed on the list for bison meat.  To sign up for the bison transfer program call 675-2700 ext 7200 or visit the DFWRC office at 406 6th Avenue East in Polson.

When a shipment occurs, tribal members who have signed up to be on the list will be randomly drawn from the participant name pool and will be called to pay a deposit to reserve a bison carcass.  Tribal members may also come to the DFWRC office and make a check deposit to be held in the event they are draw.

Unsuccessful bison hunters during the 2017-2018 hunt period will still be given preference over non-hunter bison transfer participants. Unsuccessful bison hunters will need to have verification that they have hunted.  Verification requires Tribal Game Warden confirmation.

For more information on the bison transfer program contact Tom McDonald, Amanda Bourdon or Germaine White at 675-2700.

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