Team Meeting and Training March 28th, 1pm to 3pm.

Where: Tribal Council Chambers, Pablo Mt

Presenters: Eric Nation and Stacee Read and Melanie Smith

We will be discussing the need for Collaboration.

Presentation: Drug Task Force

If you want to see change come ... if you want to learn what to change, come ... if you want to impact children's lives or change their trajectories, come and learn and get involved.

This is the second phase in the DEC training and is designed to teach us to focus on the formation of multi-disciplinary partnerships that take advantage of existing agency personnel, resources, and responsibilities and coordinate their mutual interests and duties to meet the specific needs of these children. The focus on these children's needs is throughout the entire process until the child is in a permanent, safe and positive functioning environment. This session will look at overcoming the challenges in aligning systems responsible for preventing, intervening, and treating these issues to achieve common outcomes.

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