Council Dispatch #149      March 7, 2023


Tribal Council


  • The two Forestry Advisory Committee vacancies were advertised, and the incumbent was the only applicant. Council appointed Francis Cahoon to the Small Logger vacancy for a two-year term. The remaining vacancy will be readvertised.


  • The Two Eagle River School Board vacancy was advertised and there was only one applicant. Council appointed Leandra Cutfinger for a four-year term.


  • The Salish Kootenai Housing Authority Board of Commissioners vacancy was advertised and the only applicant was the incumbent. Council appointed Frank Acevedo for a four-year term.


  • Council discussed the upcoming Tribal Council election and the need to modify the process. Council took action to add a five-person nonvoting tribal council election board, the Legal Department head, two at-large tribal member voters, and a part-time election administrative aide to be used, as needed. 


  • There was discussion about changing the Tribal Council election schedule back to the pre-pandemic election calendar schedule. The Election Committee will take action to publish the election calendar. Mike Dolson read into the record the preamble in the constitution that he would like amended and placed on a referendum during the next election. Council will have further discussion about having a referendum on the general election ballot.


  • Council discussed yesterday’s pow wow meeting. Len TwoTeeth wants to establish some timelines and the staff need to develop a scope of work so SKMM can get the tasks completed prior to the pow wow. 


  • SKMM will be doing contract work for workforce development. SKMM will act as a contractor to complete all task orders, including workforce development, to maximize tribal member employment. For our tribal buildings infrastructure needs, it would be great to have our own standard workers, which would be a tiered process through apprenticeships with SKC. The contract management firm could develop several contracting firms underneath them, and hopefully the education provided to individuals could lead them into their own businesses and then the corporation could focus on hiring subcontractors.


  • Mike Dolson commented nobody is dedicated to do the property management. A study should be done on other uses by the Economic Development Office and the Property Management folks to know what is available and what the needs are. We need an individual hired as the Property Manager to be in charge of property management and have an advisory committee.


Natural Resources Department


  • Council took action to grant the University of Montana Flathead Biological Station a water quality collection permit to sample Flathead Lake for up to five years for five collection permits. This is a continuation of the research that has been happening on the lake since the 1970s.


  • Council took action to grant the University of Montana Flathead Biological Station a collection permit to sample snow algae from snowfields. It is a returning study.


  • Council took action to grant the University of Montana Flathead Biological Station a five-year education permit to continue outreach and public education.


  • Council took action to grant the University of Montana Flathead Biological Station a five-year collection permit to continue the ground squirrel reintroduction project.


  • Council took action to grant the University of Montana Flathead Biological Station a five-year collection permit to study quagga and zebra mussels.


  • Council took action to grant Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks a collection permit to sample bats for White Nose Syndrome. The tribal biologist will accompany the MFWP staff during the samplings.


  • Council took action to approve the Ordinance 44-D Hunting & Fishing Tribal Member Regulations through 2024, with the proposed change to insert “…..tribal member” elk hunting. The public comment period closed on February 28 and no comments were received. The NRD staff will give a full presentation of all the regulations to the Salish Pend d’Oreille Culture Committee and will do that annually with both Culture Committees. 


  • Council took action to grant Sierra Mahseelah an all-party free-use group permit to have her wedding at Twin Lakes on June 10, 2023. There will be approximately 50 people in attendance, some of which are non-tribal members. No porta potties will be required. Council discussed the possibility of requiring porta potties for large events.


Department of Human Resources Development


  • Council approved by resolution submission of an application for an operating grant through the Montana Department of Transportation for the 5311 allocation in the amount of $322,800.00 for operating CSKT Transit.


  • Council approved by resolution submission of an application for TransADE funding to provide transportation to senior citizens and people with disabilities.


Tribal Court


  • Council approved some language changes in the Law & Order Code to create a Healing Court.


Legal Department


  • Council approved a resolution to address selenium contamination in transboundary and traditional waters originating from coal mining in British Columbia.





NOTE:  The official Council Minutes will contain more complete details about lengthy discussions and should be considered the official record of Council. Dispatches are written from notes taken live and may occasionally contain partial information, over-simplified characterizations or an occasional error. Council reviews and corrects the draft minutes before approving as the official record.  Comments (both affirmations and concerns) are part of change and are expected and encouraged. Along with any specific comments, please also share what you would like to hear more about in upcoming communications. The email address for comments is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..