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Compact Implementation Technical Team

9:30 am, Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Mission Valley Power Conference Room, 36079 Pablo West Road, Pablo, Montana 59855

  1. Introduction and review agenda.

  2. Status of facilitator and selection of chair.
    Action Item: Designate a chair

  3. Status of CITT website (Ethan Mace).
    Action item: Adopt CITT website.
    Action item: Consider any additional materials/information to post.
    Action Item: Designate a website administrator.

  4. Review proposed workplan for water measurement system (Seth Makepeace).
    Action item: Consider approving proposal and forwarding to Compact parties.

  5. Review progress on workplan for developing a stock-water program (Pete Plant).

  6. Review progress on workplan for developing on-farm efficiency program (Ethan Mace).

  7. Update on FIIP Modernization plan (Travis Teegarden).

  8. Discuss next steps and schedule for next CITT meeting or conference call.
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