A Note to the Tribal Community,

Here is a new link for all CSKT Coronavirus information  https://csktribes.org/coronavirus-update

Tribal Council took several actions Sunday to further protect the tribal community from the coronavirus. These actions were taken during a special Council meeting held March 15 after receiving extensive consultation from various officials from Tribal Health, Lake County, CSKT Law and Order, ECS, SKHA and CSKT Emergency Services.

Again, thank you for your efforts in keeping our people safe. The longer we can keep this viral infection away and limit our exposure, the greater service we provide. This is not convenient for anyone. Disruptions to work and essential services will happen, but if we can slow the infection and minimize the impact now, these inconveniences will be worth the effort. Please share this notice by posting around offices or sending to other people. More announcements will be posted on CSKT.ORG, your work email, RAVE Alerts and The Char-Koosta News Facebook Page, and the weekly print version of the paper.