The battle to contain COVID-19 has reached a new stage and we need to buckle down harder to keep our families and loved ones safe through social distancing and shelter-in-place practices.
The coronavirus is now passing between people within Missoula County. The community spread phase is the most concerning stage as this is when infection numbers start increasing quickly. The sacrifices we make NOW are crucial in limiting the spread of this highly contagious illness that has no known cure. We will hold strong. We will get through this. Thank you for keeping us safe.
Message from the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes
CSKT ALERT -- CSKT passed a Shelter in Place Order Friday with exceptions for essential services. As a general guide, employees who were identified as essential workers will remain essential workers. If you were working before the order, you should report to work as before. If there are questions, contact your supervisor.
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