Council Dispatch #160     April 25, 2023


Department of Human Resources Development


  • Council clarified they want to generate information and respond within sixty days, and have all tribal departments participate in the security assessment for their buildings to be part of the planning document to be developed and took action to have all tribal departments participate in the security threat assessment and have it completed within sixty days.


Financial Management


  • Council approved by resolution modification 11 to the fiscal year 2023 Total Budget Allocations.


Indian Preference Office


  • Council approved a project specific agreement with the Montana Department of Transportation for the WS 3 - Johnson Wetland Mitigation, STPX 24(55), UPN 8583000 project. The project will be let in late 2023 and completed in 2024.


Food Sovereignty Program


  • Council approved a resolution supporting the 2023 application to USDA Local Food Purchase Assistance Agreement for Food Sovereignty Program funding in the amount of $400,000. The program is a partner with Mission West Co-Op.


Enrollment Office


  • Council discussed a request to approve a resolution to go back to the old resolution to distribute any remaining burial funds to the beneficiaries. The Burial and Cremation Benefits Policy had been changed, but a resolution is required. The staff will compile a report on how many families would be affected. It was the consensus of council to place the request on the five-day rule.


  • Council approved a resolution establishing the approval of the DNA results for #203-UO09678 to increase the blood quantum using the biological father’s blood quantum. The request was reviewed by the Enrollment Committee. 


  • Council approved a resolution approving the relinquishment of Keya Marie Birdsbill (203-UO10121) from the CSKT rolls. The request was reviewed by the Enrollment Committee.


S&K Technologies


  • Council had a meet and greet with the DCMA contractors and staff who are visiting the S&K Technologies headquarters this week.





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