Council Dispatch #163     May 4, 2023


Tribal Council


  • Chairman McDonald welcomed members of the University of Congressional Church, who are observing the council meeting this morning. Tom will be meeting with the group on May 17 in Missoula to discuss climate change and other matters of interest to the Tribes.


  • Carole Lankford mentioned a meeting with the Solidarity Group at SKHA. Two individuals willed their ten acres to the Tribes. Carole is having a meeting with a lady that has duplexes in Missoula. The Lands Department received a letter from the person in Mission about the will process and Carole told them to send a copy of that letter to the chairman.


  • Chairman McDonald presented a request from a long-term employee who had complications from a surgery and is approaching retirement age. Mark Padilla has been on leave sharing and exhausted those hours, so he is requesting an extension until he can sign up for disability. Council took action to waive the personnel policy and extend leave sharing until Mark can sign up for disability. Len TwoTeeth was not sure where we came up with 360 hours of leave share, but he wants it reviewed and changed to 12 calendar months per year. More and more employees are falling into this circumstance.  Chairman McDonald will have the Personnel Department follow up. It seems to be that transition period for long-term employees that are nearing retirement and have medical issues, so maybe it could focus on those particular employees. 


  • Martin Charlo gave an update from yesterday’s elders meeting. He answered questions about the payout, Tech Mining and our efforts in DC on that, and answered questions about EKI and the dividends it is paying out. Tony Incashola, Jr. was introduced and said a few words. Len TwoTeeth gave a presentation on the efforts to improve both pow wow grounds and the process to get that done.


  • Chairman McDonald discussed the International Joint Commission for the Boundary Waters Treaty. The Biden administration is backing away and going a different route, which is disappointing. Tom authorized tribal staff to issue a press release on it. They should go through the International Joint Commission to resolve this and address pollution coming into the United States from coal mining in British Columbia. There will be an article published in the New York Times. Our scientist consultant is providing information to the New York Times and maybe pictures of fish without a gill plate will be included.


  • Len TwoTeeth requested that the Economic Development Office and Executive Team provide an update on the status of developing the Elmo Store property and how we are moving forward on that. Knowing the new contact that Jennifer Finley obtained during the RES Conference is an avenue we should pursue and have that firm start the legwork. We have discussed this for years and nothing has happened. We could possibly use that firm to start our Hot Springs project.  Chairman McDonald will have the Economic Development Office give council a presentation.


  • Ellie Bundy acknowledged May 5 is the National Day of Awareness for MMIW. There will be a 5K Run/Walk this Saturday at Salish Kootenai College. Registration is from 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.; the speaking event begins at 10:00 a.m.; and the closing will be at 12:30 p.m. Ellie gave a MMIP presentation to St. Patrick Hospital and St. Joseph Hospital staff. St. Patrick Hospital donated $1,500.00 to the MMIP Victim Services Assistance Fund, and St. Joseph Hospital will be making a donation. Ellie will be giving a presentation to the Democratic Committee next Wednesday and a group in Polson in the near future. An individual received $1,000.00 for an article she wrote and donated it to the MMIP Victim Services Assistance Fund.


  • Ellie Bundy informed council that Kathy Ross reached out about having a townhall meeting on fentanyl and opioids at the St. Ignatius Community Center on May 17, at 6:00 p.m. Representatives from law enforcement will be there and the council members are invited to participate. Indian tacos will be served.


Natural Resources Department


  • Council considered a request for the Bison Range Commercial Service Manager to work with Montana Coffee Traders for a CSKT Bison Range exclusive coffee blend to be sold at the Bison Range. The initial cost is $800.00. The coffee bag will have the CSKT logo on it. Chairman McDonald requested the staff find out if there are any tribal vendors within the United States. Council took action to authorize the staff to work with tribal vendors for a CSKT Bison Range exclusive coffee blend.


  • Council approved a noncompetitive contract with Chadz Wrapz & Signs in an amount up to $35,000.00 for the installation of Mickey Pablo plaques and letters on the exterior building of the Visitor Center and the installation of trail and mile marker signs on Red Sleep Drive Road. This contractor has done this type of work at the Bison Range but his contract had expired before this work could be done.


  • Jace Smith informed council he received notification from the Army Corps of Engineers about the clean water permit for the Jocko Canal and we do not need to mitigate the project. Council approved a sole source master services agreement with Morrison-Maierle for the Jocko K Canal Liner Rehabilitation and associated projects for a total not-to-exceed amount of $250,000.00. Jim Malatare requested that a field trip be scheduled. Jace Smith can schedule the field trip whenever the council wants to.


Tribal Forestry


  • Council approved the Fiscal Year 2022 Forest Management Expenditure Report. The report will be submitted for the Tribal Chairman’s signature and then forwarded to the BIA Superintendent’s Office.


  • Council approved by resolution the Fiscal Year 2023 Expenditure Plan for Forest Management Deductions and requested approval of the plan. The plan and resolution will be forwarded to the BIA Superintendent’s Office.


  • Council took action to approve a Supplemental Fire Project Agreement, Forest Service Agreement # 23-FP-11015200-004, with USFS Missoula Smokejumpers to reimburse CSKT Division of Fire for smokejumper detail of Sam Peel to non-suppression costs incurred for travel while on detail from April 23, 2023 through September 30, 2023.


  • A resolution was approved to authorize the advertisement of the ES East Logging Unit timber sale.


  • A resolution was approved to authorize the advertisement of the ES Line Logging Unit timber sale.


  • A resolution was approved to authorize the advertisement of the ES West Logging Unit timber sale.


  • A resolution was approved to authorize the advertisement of the ES Hog Logging Unit timber sale.


Tribal Lands Department


  • Council approved by resolution the purchase of fee land located in Lake County.


Financial Management


  • Council approved a resolution authorizing the allocation of the discretionary distribution from the Montana Water Rights Protection Act between the compact account and settlement implementation accounts.


  • Council approved a resolution authorizing the setup and signatory authority for the Investment Account at Charles Schwab Corporation titled CSKT, MVP BIL Capital Project Account.
  • Staff presented recommendations for fiscal year 2024 allocation targets. The annual budget development process requires the Tribal Council to approve the targets for budget allocations in line with projected revenues and available reserves. Next steps are to approve the allocation targets budget call to tribal programs, evaluate accomplishments, and enact appropriations by August 15, 2023. Financial Management will continue to provide updates on the budget process. Terry Pitts wants to have discussions about using some of the Salazar funding to pay out a per capita each year. Greg Spahr will prepare some information on risk management and bring it back to council the week of June 5.



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