Council Dispatch #165     May 23, 2023


Tribal Council


  • Chairman McDonald reminded council that the Yellowstone Bison Hunt Managers meeting is at the Double Tree in Missoula tomorrow from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. All council members are invited to attend.


  • Martin Charlo announced the Montana Healthcare Foundation and Big Sky Passenger Rail Authority Help Us Revitalize Passenger Rail in Southern Montana community event is at the Ronan Boys and Girls Club on May 24, from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Lunch will be served. The event will also be held in Paradise tomorrow from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.


  • Chairman McDonald asked if any council members are planning to go on the Friends of Glacier fieldtrip on Thursday.


Two Eagle River School


  • Students gave a presentation on their community-based research project that will be presented to the community. Community issues were discussed and the students did research on the question of what issues native students have and encounter in public schools. Students, parents and staff were surveyed. The reasons students attend TERS is because of the community, culture, curriculum, family legacy, and discrimination at other schools.


Indian Preference Office


  • Council approved a Project Specific Agreement between CSKT and Montana Department of Transportation for a project named SF 169 South of Pablo Safety Improvement. The work involves rebuilding the 4-leg existing intersection of US 93 and Old Highway 93 into a Restricted Crossing U-Turn intersection. This PSA is specific to the preconstruction consultant contract work only which includes site investigation for the design of the preconstruction highway project. Examples of the work are surveying, geotechnical exploration, wetland delineation, utility mapping and other field work and project meetings.


Tribal Education Department


  • Council approved by resolution for CSKT Tribal Education, CSKT Tribal Social Services, CSKT Early Childhood Services, together with Polson School District, to partner with Friends of the Children to start an Indigenous chapter beginning next school year in Polson.


  • Council approved by resolution submission of an application to apply for the SAMHSA grant.


  • Council approved by resolution submission of an application for the STEP grant from the Department of Education Office of Elementary and Secondary Education Office of Indian Education.


Natural Resources Department


  • Council approved submission of the final 2023 SKQ submittal to the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.


  • Council took action to retroactively approve the AARP Grant Flagship Program in the amount of $20,729 and a waiver of the IDC in the amount of $3,550. 


  • Bing Matt received a report that the toilets at the Turtle Lake Campground were tipped over. Whisper Camel-Means will follow up.


Tribal Lands Department


  • Council approved the Land Ordinance 45C. This ordinance rescinds Ordinance 45B.


  • Chairman McDonald asked if the Land Ordinance provides any new powers to address issues in the Beaverhead area. Tom asked Mark to review the matter with Shane and find out who the allotment owners are. Mark Couture will follow up.  The Land Ordinance has a section regarding allotments and the department works closely with the BIA Superintendent to enforce the regulations.


  • Jim Malatare requested an update on the fence at Nkwusm. Mark Couture responded the project is being done by Ferrier Fencing and he will follow up on the anticipated completion date and report back via email.


  • Council approved by resolution the purchase of a parcel of property located in Pablo from Archie Fuqua, Alan Fuqua, and Arlene Templer, to be purchased with ARPA funds. The issue with the appraisal was resolved.


S&K Gaming


  • Council conducted interviews and appointed Troy Felsman to the S&K Gaming Board of Directors to fill the unexpired term ending October 1, 2024.





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