March 24, 2021

Memo from Tribal Council:

Council is working to protect our employees during these unprecedented times of the pandemic. Previously, we put into place Employee and Building Protocols for all CSKT employees and visitors to tribal buildings. Those policies will remain in place during working hours, 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday. As of Monday, March 29, there will be a small change. Those who enter Tribal buildings Friday, or outside of Mon-Thur work hours, will be on the honor system to enter through employee-access doors, BUT employees will need to log their time and temperature at the main entrance of their buildings. Log books, pens and automatic thermometer machines will be available at the main entrances. This is a small step toward returning to normalcy. Please remember, if you come before or after work hours, to bring your work fob to open employee doors.

As you know, these building protocols are in place and include:

One entrance to each CSKT building. This applies to everyone, including employees, Tribal Council and visitors. That same door will be used to exit the building for all reasons, including breaks, trips to other buildings and leaving work. Temperatures will be taken and sign ins are required for every instance. Masks/hand sanitizer will be available as well. Please be courteous to the building monitors.

Protecting our community is our number one priority. Public health experts say we need to guard against celebrating too early and not spike the football on the 10-yard line. To this end, we encourage everyone to stay home and limit contacts outside of work as well as adhere to CSKT protocols in place to prevent and reduce transmission among employees.