• Council Dispatch #23 – August 26, 2021 minutes

    • Permanent Supportive Housing

    Council approved a budget modification for $44,862 to purchase a vehicle for the Permanent Supportive Housing Program.

    • Cash Flow and Investments

    A resolution passed instructing the allocation of the fiscal year 2022 (second) allocation of water rights funding to be divided equally between the compact and settlement accounts with the Bureau of Trust Fund Administration, and approved of a letter of instruction to the Department of Interior to divide the funding equally between the compact and settlement accounts.

    • Tribal Broadband Connectivity Program

    Council approved a request to submit a grant application to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration Tribal Broadband Connectivity Program for $50 million. If successful the funds will go toward broadband infrastructure deployment.

    • Council Sound System

    The purchase of capital equipment was approved to replace the Council Chambers’ sound system.

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