September 10th, 2021

3PM in the arbor at The People’s Center site in Pablo.

Bring your own chair please

A light lunch will be provided

September 6, 2021 is the one-year anniversary of the devastating fire and loss of The People’s Center. We have had a very long road this past year recovering personally and professionally, rebuilding and restoring the collections, rebuilding the inventory for the gift shop, leasing a building to open up again, working with the Insurance watching the demolition of the inside structure, finding a safe and secure space for collections coming home and caring for the recovered collections.

The grieving of all this loss has had its toll on each of us this past year but we are still here ready to move forward. Seeing all the beautiful work on the collections coming back from the conservators has been an uplift to each of our hearts.

We are so thankful to each person that helped us as soon as the fire was reported, from the fire fighters and first responders, law enforcement, tribal council, community members, Tribal Preservation staff, Tribal Fire Control staff, the Smithsonian, FEMA, Bishop Insurance, Ninepipes Museum, Montana Historical Society, volunteers, donors and contributors to the collections and for recovery efforts, to the conservators who caringly guided us how to take care of each piece that was recovered from the ashes and water. To the valued customers who continue to support us and the culture center. The local businesses who still support us today. Especially to our elders near and far that continues to support and guide us. The list could go on and on.

Following our tribal traditions, we have chosen to hold a Memorial at the site in Pablo. We mourn the loss of the site, the building, the collections and work lost in the fire. Our grief is like losing a family member. We have so many years of memories of the children who walked on the grounds learning about our tribes’ histories and traditions, the beaders who came to learn and share, the many tourists and visitors and groups we helped educate. All our tribal elders who passed through the doors to be a part of everything we did.

We are asking for your continued support, and for prayer leaders, cultural leaders, dancers and drummers and the tribal and non-tribal community to be with us this day. We ask Creator to continue to help us, continue to guide us in our steps to heal and continue our mission as Three Chiefs Culture Center. To continue our work not only for ourselves but for all the people and for our ancestors who laid the paths and held our histories and stories.


Marie Torosian, Loushie Charlo, Geri Hewankorn, Aggie Incashola, Ginger Morigeau


Three Chiefs Culture Center, Museum & Gift Shop