In midst of the coronavirus (COVID-19) safety precautions and the CSKT partial shutdown, the Higher Education Scholarship funds will continue to be disbursed to your schools with the change that checks will only be issued from the Tribe on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, from our Accounting Department. As stated in policy, funds will not be released until final term grades have been submitted and verified that students are meeting our academic requirements each term. Expect that there may be a disruption to your funds being released onto your student financial account, as many of your schools have taken specific safety measures within their departments also. Please be advised that I am working as diligently and efficiently as I can with funding payments.   

As a reminder, the 2020 – 2021 Higher Education Scholarship application deadline is still May 1, 2020; there will not be an extension at this time. Get the applications submitted as soon as you can. If you have questions or concerns, contact me by phone or email; which are being checked regularly. Thank you and I wish you and your families well during this time.