New Bear Conflict Call Line 406-275-2774

A new call line to report non-emergency bear conflicts on the Flathead Indian Reservation is now available. These calls will be received by the Safety of Dams Program/ Natural Resources Department 24/7 dispatch call center @ 406-275-2774.  The conflicts will be directed to the first available Tribal Game Warden or Tribal Wildlife Biologist to respond.

The Tribal Wildlife Management Program reminds the public that springtime on the Flathead Reservationmeans bears will be emerging from dens.  Bears are attracted to garbage, pet foods, bird feeders.  Other attractants like chickens and other small livestock often resulting in bear and human conflicts. Whenever someone makes food or attractants available to bears, they create situations that invite bears to become problem bears, which could ultimately endanger someone or cause the bear’s elimination.  

To receive information on securing bear attractants and preventing conflicts, please call the Tribal Wildlife Management Program at (406) 883-2888. 

If you have an emergency please call 911, to report non-emergency bear conflicts please call 406-275-2774.