Pushing the message a new way

Hey, I’m asking a lot of people this. Today, please consider pushing a very important message to the young people and the community. Please please, make a short video, and say something like below. It can be short, it can be long, it will be perfect if you put it out on Facebook. Can you imagine if 10 people put out this message today? What would 20 videos look like, or more?

The next time you go out to a public place and you don’t want to wear a mask because it’s uncomfortable, think about who you might impact. Could you start a surge in breakouts that impact your parents, or grandparents, or aunties and uncles? Could an elder get affected? The next time you’re out, think about who could be infected. We need to keep each other safe.

As these videos roll out, it will be impossible for people not to see how much our community cares about protecting our elders. I have asked some people directly. The response was very positive and decided to go for an even bigger push.

Please post your videos.