• Drug court and Never Alone Recovery

A discussion on recovery efforts involved the introduction of the Drug Court and Never Alone Recovery.

  • Natural Resources Department

The Ferry Basin and Little Money tag draw was conducted with 398 eligible tag applicants for five ram, 30 bull, and four ewe.

  • Tribal Health Department

Council authorized purchases of an antibacterial light for the St. Ignatius Community Center sauna, fitness equipment to expand the Physical Therapy clinic, and dental equipment for youth patience services.

  • Three Chiefs and Annenberg Foundation

Council approved a request for Three Chiefs to file an application for a $50,000 donation.

  • Department of Human Resources Development

DHRD received permission to submit a grant application for $10,000.

  • Tribal Lands Department

Several requests were approved including a six-month revocable permit to operate the Fire & Ice food stand on tribal land in Polson from August through December, a lease modification for One Heart, and a business lease to expand Two Eagle River School.

  • Séliš Ql̓ispé Culture Committee

The SQCC and Elders Advisory Council met with Council for an elders meeting. The first agenda item discussed the incorporation of traditional values and principles in the work place.  A more detailed discussion will be in the official minutes.

  • Natural Resources Department

The emergency order closing a portion of Flathead lake for fire suppression efforts was no longer needed and rescinded.

  • Elder Assistance

Council voted to assist a Tribal member elder impacted by a fire in Northern Cheyenne from a fund for fire effected evacuees.

NOTE: The official Council minutes will contain more complete details about lengthy discussions and should be considered the official record of Council. Dispatches are written from notes taken live and may occasionally contain partial information, over-simplified characterizations or an occasional error. Council reviews and corrects the draft minutes before approving as the official record.

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