Office of Administrative Service

Work Plan

March 16 – 30, 2020

The Office of Administration Services scaled back office hours for the partial government-wide shut down, but Departments and Programs will still provide essential services.

Contracts and Grants – The staff will work at least one day a week on a rotating schedule. They will review incoming mail and messages on a daily bases and address urgent issues.

Enrollment – The staff will be on a rotating schedule with the enrollment office covered at all times.

Charkoosta – Will operate as usual to provide online, social media and printed information, which is disseminated throughout the tribal community. The print newspaper reaches those who do not have, nor wish to have, Internet access such as many elders, prisoners, and more.

Staff that will be in office:

• Editor – Sam Sandoval

• Business Manager – Shayna Parker

• Ad Sales Representative – Marcy Dimond.

Staff that can work from home with reduced office hours:

• Reporter/Assistant Editor – Bernie Azure

• Reporter (part-time) – Jordynn Paz

• Reporter (emergency hire) – Brandon Moran

IT Program

Most of the IT staff will work at home through VPN and Remote Desktop. Most services can be handled remotely.  If no answer from Helpdesk, leave a message and we will return as soon as we can. Those working in the office are

Renee Camel, Chuck Sanger – Servers, Crystal Reese – Helpdesk, Matthew Beasley – Network, Chuck Reese - Cameras & doors - Law & Order, Xavier Streets - Helpdesk

Facilities Maintenance O&M

Maintenance Staff:

Day Crews- 21 full time, 2 seasonal

Night Crew- 25 full time, 1 seasonal

Kicking Horse- 3 full time, 1 day, 2 night DAY CREWS

1.        The Pablo/Ronan/Polson/Blue Bay crew will operate with a skeleton crew of 3-4 members, sometimes as few as 1 person.

2.        Administrative Assistant will fill duties at least once per week preparing PO's, invoices and time sheets.

3.        All staff is on call 24/7.

4.       Supervisors are responsible for duties in their respective areas.

5.        Mission crew supervisor will be part time as needed with responsibility of continuing to open St. Ignatius Tribal Health Center daily.


1.         Night crew will transfer hours from 2:00 PM-12:30 AM to 10:00 AM-8:30 PM per Tribal Council to ensure Tribal buildings are kept clean and sanitized.

2.        Disinfectant foggers have been ordered for sanitizing occupied spaces. This will be done in the evenings when spaces are unoccupied.

3.        Crew will attend housekeeping and sanitation workshop.

4.        The crew has been split up to share duties until we have a definite count of what offices are occupied.


1.        Kicking Horse will operate on a normal schedule with day technician continuing duties of preparing Vocation building for the Preservation Department to relocate.

2.        Technician will also continue to see that water and sewer systems are in constant operation.

3.        Night security/cleaning crew will remain on duty to assure center is not vandalized.


1.  The Ravalli Hill Overlook Areas will be closed with the restrooms and gates locked until further notice.



1.  The Elmo Hall and Longhouse will be available for wakes on a limited basis. The respective Cultural Committees will have to be notified, who will in turn notify Maintenance for cleaning and supplies.