CSKT remains under a Shelter in Place order. A copy is attached to this email.

(link to PDF online https://csktribes.org/coronavirus-update/783-sip-order)

While other governments are considering early plans to re-open some businesses and churches, Tribal Council remains committed to adhering to the safest standards for our people, especially the Elders and our most vulnerable populations. The sacrifices we make now in remaining under these orders is the best way to protect our community from a spike in COVID-19 cases.

The virus is still infecting people through Community Spread in our neighboring counties of Flathead and Missoula County. While Lake County’s numbers remain at five, our community is seeing the threat of visiting tourists and returning residents who wintered in warmer climates. We all need to remain diligent in protecting our community. All tribal employees will continue as they have under the partial closure. Council plans to revisit the closure situation in May.

Thank you for your continued efforts in serving our community.