Some important notes about the June 2 primary election in Lake County. This June 2020 Primary election will be held by mail ballot only. The polling locations will be closed as a safety precaution of the novel coronavirus. Here are some important details to know.

  •  If you don’t receive a ballot in the mail by May 15, call the Lake County (or Sanders County) Elections office. Lake County is 883-7268, Sanders County is 827-6922, Missoula County is 258-4751, Flathead County is 758-5535.
  •   Because of COVID-19, everyone will be voting absentee, which means a ballot will be mailed to your home (if you are a registered voter). Ballots were mailed out May 8.
  • During the primary, you can only vote for one political party. There are instructions enclosed. If you are a Democrat, you can only vote for Democrat candidates, same for Republicans, or Green party candidates.
  • Pay attention to the instructions. There’s a privacy envelope included and make sure to sign your envelope.
  • You won’t need to put a stamp on the envelope for this all mail-in election. You may also drop off your ballot. Lake County will be setting up a drop off station outside the courthouse as June 2 nears.
  •  If you are not currently a registered voter, there’s good news. You can still fill out a voter registration card and mail it in so long as it is postmarked by May 26. Beginning May 27, you will need to go to the courthouse in person to submit your voter registration form.
  • Many people who receive their mail through PO boxes register to vote. They list their physical address on the form and list their PO Box to receive the ballot.
  •  Here’s a place to check your voter registration status. You can see if you are currently registered.
  •  Here is a voter registration form that can be printed out. This needs to be turned in to the Lake County Election Office in the Lake County Courthouse. It can be mailed up to May 26th

It is important that everyone register to vote to ensure our voice can impact the election results.