Election Day

Today is the final day to turn in your ballots for the June Primary election. Lake County had intended on putting a mobile unit outside their Polson-based Courthouse offices to collect ballots, but pulled that effort at the last second due to low foot traffic. Ballots can be dropped off inside the east-side door. Ballots need to be dropped off by 8 p.m.

The returns have been impressive so far with this being an all-mail ballot due to Covid-19. The 2018 primary finished with a 44 percent voter turnout. As of Monday night, the voting turnout in Lake County was just over 58 percent, with a projection around 62 percent.

Those who have not received a ballot, may still obtain a ballot at their county election office, be in Lake, Sanders, Missoula or Flathead County. Those who are not registered to vote can still arrive at the county election office, register to vote and cast their vote on site.

Please vote and be heard.