Failing Culverts

Upon recommendation of the Montana Department of Transportation, effective immediately, Tribally-owned vehicles are prohibited on Mollman Pass Road between Highway 93 and the former Kicking Horse Job Corps facility.  All other motorists are strongly encouraged to avoid this stretch of road.  According to the Montana Department of Transportation the culverts located west of the main entrance to Kicking Horse Job Corps are showing signs of failing. These culverts convey natural and irrigation flows into the Kicking Horse Reservoir.

Road crews from CSKT are closely monitoring the culverts, but with the spring runoff approaching and the strong recommendations by the Montana Department of Transportation, no tribal vehicles will be allowed to cross the culverts. All motorists are strongly encouraged to avoid these culvert crossings. This is a Lake County road and CSKT does not have jurisdiction to close to road. Furthermore, the operation and maintenance of the culverts are not the jurisdiction of the CSKT.

Alternative routes are strongly recommended. These culverts can be avoided by taking Eagle Pass and Hillside Roads to reach Mollman Pass Trail. The route is highly traveled by employees based in Kicking Horse offices and local residents.

Please use extreme caution when pulling off of and into the high-speed traffic on Highway 93 when utilizing the alternative routes.