Council Dispatch #203     October 19, 2023


Tribal Council


  • Bing Matt informed council that he received a call from Homer Courville. Homer received a check for $2,000 and he did not know if it was for them or their propane for their trailer. The check usually goes directly to the fuel vendor. Len TwoTeeth asked Bing to have Homer return the check so it can be paid directly to the vendor. They are a nonprofit and may have some tax issues to deal with. The council is willing to address that issue, but they do not know if they want to do it that way or do it with a donation on an event-by-event basis. Len had wanted the council to set up an annual budget for them, but he wants to know how best to help them. Len requested they be scheduled to meet with the council for further discussion.


Tribal Lands Department


  • Council reviewed the bids received for a revocable permit for T4752 in Hot Springs and took action to grant Dan Depoe a one-year revocable permit, so long as all permitting requirements are met, along with a $400 monthly rental payment, proof of required insurance, and payment of a bond.


Natural Resources Department


  • Council approved by resolution submission of a grant application to the Kendeda Foundation/Hopa Mountain in the amount of $50,000.00 to assist with lake trout suppression efforts.


Financial Management


  • Council approved by resolution modification 1 to the fiscal year 2024 Total Allocations. Increases in the funding for the Indian Health Service self-governance funding agreement and the Bureau of Indian Affairs self-governance funding agreement, and increases in Contracts and Grants require modification to the FY 2024 Enacted Appropriations.


  • Council approved by resolution the creation and signatory authority of a new bank account at Eagle Bank called CSKT Other Deposits and Refunds. It has become necessary to create a new deposits and refunds bank account to separate the Tribal Lands Department, Gray Wolf, and Tribal Forestry account activity from the Tribal Courts.


Personnel Department


  • There was discussion about COVID Leave for calendar year 2024 and staff made recommendations to (1) discontinue COVID Leave; (2) allow up to 40 hours of COVID Leave per calendar year; or (3) authorize up to 20 hours of COVID Leave and allow employees to be eligible for leave share if they have exhausted their COVID Leave. Council requested more information.


  • Council took action to extend Benny McDonald’s leave share hours until he gets on disability. Employees are authorized to take up to 360 hours of leave share per year and in the past the Tribal Council has taken action to extend the leave share until the employee can get on disability. Council would like to have some flexibility in the policy and asked the staff to provide some recommendations and a copy of the Leave Share Policy.



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