The Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes Division of Fire officials are asking people
to be extra careful when burning this week, because windy weather conditions will
create an increased risk of wildfire. The warning comes amid several lost debris fires
that broke out due to these windy conditions in the past couple weeks.

Here are some helpful tips to remember when considering agricultural and weed

Learn before you burn. When burning, follow these important steps.

• Check the weather and fuel conditions.
Don’t burn when it’s windy or when vegetation is very dry.
• Check local regulations.
In your area, a permit may be required. Remember to call in before you burn.
• Look up.
Choose a safe burning site away from power lines, overhanging limbs, buildings,
vehicles, and equipment. You’ll need at least three times the height of the pile of vertical
• Look around.
The site should be surrounded by gravel or mineral soil (dirt) at least 10 feet in all
directions. Keep the surroundings watered down during the burn and have a shovel
close by.
• Prepare.
Keep your area small and manageable.
• Always stay with your fire until it is completely out.
Drown the fire with water, turn over the ashes with a shovel and drown it again. Repeat
several times.
• Check the burn area regularly over the next several days
Especially if the weather is warm, dry, and windy.
If you have any questions about debris burning call C.T. Camel or Devlin LaFrombois at the Division of
Fire at 676-2550.